Sunday, March 22, 2009

In honor of me!!!

Since today is my birthday, and because I am a narcissist, I thought I would share the results of my Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (a.k.a personality profile). I took this for one of my classes and found it to be quite accurate. There are 15 categories and any time you score above 80% or below 20% in one of the categories it is considered a dominate personality trait. Those are what I'll be with you today.

Here's what I am (where I scored over 80%):
Achievement 98%: To do ones best to be successful, to be a recognized authority, to accomplish something of great significance, to be able to do things better than others.

Autonomy 96%: To come and go as desired, to say what one thinks about things, to feel free to do what one wants, to avoid situations where one is expected to conform, to do things that are unconventional.

Intraceptions 80%: To analyze ones motives and feelings, to observe others, to analyze the behavior and motives of others, to put one's self in another's place, to judge people by why they do things rather than by what they do.

Sexuality 81%: To be in love, to be regarded as physically attractive, to go out with members of the opposite sex. (basically it's how motivated I am by sex)

Aggression 92%: To attack contrary points of view, to tell others what one thinks about them, to criticize others publicly, to make fun of others, to tell others off when disagreeing with them, to get revenge for insults.

Here is what I am not (scoring under 20%):
Deference 6%: I do not, get suggestions from others, find out what others think, follow instructions and do what is expected, praise others, accept leadership of others.

Affiliation 17%: I do not participate in friendly groups, do things for friends, form new friendships, make as many friends as possible, share things with friends, form strong attachments, prefer to do things with friends rather than alone. (I kind of disagree with this one)

Nurturance 14%: I do not help friends when they are in trouble, assist others less fortunate, treat others with kindness and sympathy, forgive others, do small favors for others, show a great deal of affection toward others, have others confide in me about personal problems.

Change 4%: I do not travel, do new and different things, meet new people, experience novelty and change in daily routine.

Endurance 18%: I do not keep at a job until it is finished, complete any job undertaken, work at a single job before taking on others, stay up late in order to get a job done, stick with a problem even though it may seem as if no progress is being made.

Congratulations if you made it through that post, I would guess you would score high in the endurance category!!! Now, my one and only birthday request (from you anyways), is to tell me if you think it accurately describes me. (that means you have to leave a comment!!)


Grandpamike said...

Sorry Angela, I don't put too much credence in those personality can depend on your mood at the moment when you answer the questions. But still, Happy Birthday anyway.

The Davis Family said...

Well, since we haven't actually talked in many moons I am not sure....but I am thinking you are not a 'narcissist'. ;0)

I do think you are freakin' hysterical though.

Jake said...

Happy birthday, Angela! i hope you had a great day! I think the personality traits describing what you supposedly are were pretty on target, but the ones describing what you supposedly aren't were off. That's my take. Again, I hope you are having a magical day and getting totally spoiled.

Jake said...

Oops, this is Shelley, not Jake, but you could probably figure that one out.

Paige said...

I think the above 80's were pretty darn accurate. The first low one, that you aren't, I'm not so sure about that. It seems to me that you ask opinions on stuff, hair, home decor, etc but then again maybe you don't really care what anyone answers so maybe that's where it comes into play, I dunno? Happy Birthday!!

amanda said...

Happy Birthday girlie!

Starley Family said...

So sorry I didn't get over to tell you happy birthday yesterday...I'm obviously a lame friend. Happy Birthday. Umm...the aren't are way off. You totally went above and beyond helping us move in and hanging out with the girlies for Girl Night Out, bookclub, playgroup. What can I say. You are wonderwoman and acheive it all.
Lol and happy birthday!

Nancy said...

I don't know about the below 20% ones (I remember you helping me out a few times back in Maryland), but was the end result "Angela rocks!"? 'Cause that would a good, fair, and accurate personality test.
Happy belated birthday!