Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things you just don't expect to hear from your 2 year old!!!

"That's good porn!!!"

"I love porn!!!"

"I want porn!!!"

By the way, porn is how he pronounces corn!!!


Shelley & Jake said...

Wow! I nearly had a heart attack! Evan used to call flags f**ks. It was quite the scandal. By the way, I wish my kids would eat corn, or any veggie for that matter.

Paige said...

Just hope that he doesn't start advertising his love for corn while in public. You might find yourself in jail rather quickly. You can laugh because YOU know what they are really saying but other people don’t, scary!

Rachel said...

Oh right, sure he's saying "corn", I believe you!
Little kids say the funniest things, Lincoln will ask you to Shit next to him, makes me laugh every time!
P.s Happy Birthday to your 5 year old monster! Wow look at you mother of kid that old!