Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

So here's how this went down. I'm at the computer wasting time on facebook like I always am these days when my youngest comes to me and says "look mom the money's gone. See??" He then opens his mouth really wide and points down his throat!!!
me-"did you eat money?!"
him-"yes!!!" He was very proud of himself.
me-"you can't eat money, it's bad for you!!!"
him-"it's bad?!"
him-"okay mommy!!" and he walks away.

Not even two days later he comes to me again and says "look mom the money's gone. See??!"

So if my child comes running past you and it sounds like a piggy bank, you'll know why!!!! Maybe he's just really smart and realizes it's the best place to put money right now with the economy the way it is!!!


Paige said...

He does sound smart to me. Too funny! Just because they know it is bad doesn't mean they won't do it again - make a note of that for the future!

Burnhams said...

ha. that's funny. Now, you just need to find out if he's swallowing a penny, or a twenty dollar bill. This new stage may get expensive.

Cody said...

I look at this as a positive. That kid is now literally becoming your retirement fund! Just kidding. If it is expensive coins he's swallowing, it looks like Jason will be fishing in the toilet!