Monday, November 5, 2007

Super cool pics

My sister sent me these really cool pics that she took on halloween. She lives near a cemetary and was walking past while trick-or-treating with her daughter. she decided she'd take a few snap shots of the cemetary since it was halloween and all, it wasn't until after she developed the pictures that she was able to see all the white orbs in the pictures. She also told me that you can't see all of them in these pics that she emailed me and you have to actually have a picture in your hand to see just how many there were. But I think it's way cool and little creepy, the white orbs are only in the pics of the cemetary, they didn't show up in any of her other film. You can see them better if you enlarge the pic by clicking on it. Anyways, hope you enjoy!!!

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Shelley & Jake said...

We've had that happen before in some of our pictures, but never that many. That's pretty weird.