Friday, November 16, 2007

I finally got tagged!!!

The rules...

A. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

B. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog, for these rules.

My 6 facts/ habits:

1. I am completely addicted to coke (the drink variety). I quit coke about once a month and swear I will never drink it again. But then a problem comes up and I think coke will fix it, and it does. Thirsty? coke. Hungry? coke will solve that problem. Bored? go and get a coke. Tired? coke. Headache? coke. stressed? take a car ride with a coke. See it really does solve every problem.

2. I only wash my hair about once every 5 days. sometimes longer. I have a ton of hair and the whole process of washing, drying, and styling can take over two hours!!! I don't have that kind of time. But the crazy thing is, I usually get about 4 good hair days out of it, so really I should have started this trend a long time ago!!!

3. I love TV!!! I know most people view this as a waist of time and think I would be better off reading or something, but I love TV. I will watch re-runs or really dumb shows that nobody else would ever admit to watching, like "Becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader". It's supposed to be dramatic (you can tell by the music they play), but I feel it's a comedy and have laughed so hard I've almost peed my pants. My favorite is when a girl gets cut from the team and she's bawling about how this is the only thing she's ever wanted in life and if she's not a cheerleader she's nothing. Does it get any funnier than that?

4. I find it easier to fall asleep when my husband is not in bed with me. I can't sleep if he's not home, but I prefer having the whole king size bed to myself. We've only been married 6 years but I can already see seperate rooms being a good thing.

5. I love Arizona. It is the first place that I have felt at home. I was always a misfit growing up in Utah, and really didn't like Maryland. But Arizona I love!!! The weather is perfect (it's still in the upper 80's in the middle of Nov.), the people are awesome, and I just seem to blend right in. I finally feel like I can be myself without negative consequences, and I'm so excited for my children to grow up here. But I do miss my family in Utah, and my friends in Maryland.

6. I always love my children but sometimes hate being a mom. Like when my baby throws a car into the toilet that my 4 year old forgot to flush and I have to fish it out. It's moments like that when I ponder why I ever had them. Or when I look at a girl in a bikini with her perfect little stomach free of stretch marks and think "I used to have a cute stomach, I used to rock a bikini like no ones business, but then I had children." Sigh.......... At least they're cute!!!

So now I'm supposed to tag 6 people but if you will notice to the right, I don't have six people to tag that haven't already been tagged in fact I think there' s only one person on my list that hasn't been tagged so Melissa that's you!!!!


Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

I just have to say that I totally agree with you on the coke thing. Only mine is Diet Coke. I think that the world is just a happier place with diet coke. And I tell myself daily that I should stop drinking it but then I think well, how about I work on exercising on a regular basis first or eating better! I love my diet coke!

grandma liz said...

Glad to see you got tagged and it was fun to read your comments. Your hair always looks gorgeous--you are SO LUCKY to be able to go so long before having to wash it again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela! I saw your link on Melissa's blog and wanted to ask how you guys are liking AZ. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! Almost everyone I talk to thinks I'm crazy for wanting to go back there, but it's all people who've never lived there before-I'm a huge fan of the place and I don't mind if others don't agree, it's getting too crowded anyway. :) How do you like Anthem? Is that where you ended up?

Anonymous said...

oops, I'm sorry I'm new at this thing, that anonymous comment was from me!
Rachel Guymon

Katie Brown said...

angela, I like your blog, FYI. loved your getting to know you post. i wish i could only wash my hair every few days. I HATE HATE blowdrying, etc, hence the pony tail nearly everyday, but my hair looks disgusting if i don't wash it everyday. it turns black. seriously. i think i'm going to hack it off next week... glad you like AZ. we are loving texas too, i think it has the same sort of vibe (FYI, austin is not hicksville in case you were worried)

Hill family said...

Hey Rachel,
We really do love Az. We ended up just south of Anthem between carefree highway and Happy valley rd on the east side of 17(if you know the area). We are just renting right now but we like the area and it just keeps growing so that is nice. Jason has been working in Anthem but was actually offered a better opportunity with another company and will be working in Chandler for 3 months and then they're opening an office near our house on carefree highway. We're not sure if he will take that office or stay in Chandler. If he stays at the chandler office we will move down there. What are your plans? Is Jim doing a post grad program? You should get a blog to keep us all updated.

Starley Family said...

How can you not love a place where the streets are called "carefree highway" seriously. And believe me, I would love to be in AZ right now, it's freezing. However I don't think I could handle the extreme heat in the summer. The dilemma's. I suppose if you have an awesome ac, pool, and not pregnant it would probably be awesome!