Friday, May 22, 2009

With Honors

My oldest graduated from preschool today. That means he'll be in KINDERGARTEN next year!!! Anyways, here's pictures from the ceremony.....

First they performed a little poem. Please take note of how much taller my child is than his classmates.

Getting his diploma.

The rowdiness that occurred after receiving his diploma.

My oldest with his teacher, Miss Sheila.

And here were his fathers sentiments after the ceremony, "Congratulations!! You only have 21 more years to go."


Samantha said...

Yay Isaac!! Congrats on the first graduation.

Grandpamike said...

Congratulations Isaac, and don't worry about 21 more goes by fast. Take them 1 year at a time, and have fun playing soccer, baseball, and doing karate.
Work and school will always be there.

Paige said...

I can't believe it's kindergarten time already, I still remember when you told me you were pregnant with Isaac and it doesn't seem like that long ago.