Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A mild case of psychosis

I think I might be going crazy, and since I passed all my psychology classes with A's this semester I'm pretty sure I'm completely qualified to make that diagnosis. Let me share some of my stories with you and you can decide for yourself...

Yesterday as I was putting my oldest sons new Batman underwear away, I found myself sincerely wishing that they made superhero underwear in my size.

I was actually upset at the officials of the Monster Jam World Finals for making the obstacle course too difficult causing all the monster trucks to crash easily, and early in their freestyle runs.

I've been telling everyone I meet all about my youngest son pooping in the big boy toilet (and yes, I use the term "big boy toilet").

While most parents push their kids to perfection when they try to live vicariously through them, I have taken a slightly different approach and have been buying them loads of candy and junk food because I can't have any and I want to watch them eat it while I imagine what it tastes like.


Crystal said...

I was actually pissed when we went to Monster Jam here in the winter because they made everything really easy and lame because 2 people had been killed by freak accidents at a couple of the events prior. I think that makes me insensitive...but I am actually a really sensitive person.

And, I couldn't give my kids junk and candy and not have some...so that makes you tough.

And wanting superhero undies is kinda weird...so I'll go with crazy on that one. hehe j/k

Shelley said...

The candy solution sounds like torture to me! I love the idea of superhero underwear, though! I'd love Shera underwear too!