Friday, May 8, 2009

Bullets again!!!!!!

  • I'm basically done with school this semester!!! I have one final left!!!!!
  • We are potty training my youngest!!!! He goes potty in the toilet but refuses to poop in it. Any suggestions? He's apparently terrified of the pooping part and I don't know how to make him not be afraid of it.
  • I'm getting a new camera for mothers day and need suggestions of which ones are good and which ones are bad.
  • I got invited to someones 18th b-day party. It was really nice of them to think of me but seriously, I'm like 10 years older than them!!!! It did not sound like my idea of a good time.
  • I'm dieting. I've completely cut carbs out of my life, and I've gained a pound.... that's right I said gained. And for those of you who knew me in MD, I've gained 10 pounds since the last time you saw me 15 pounds since some of you saw me if you left before I had my youngest....And for those of you who know me now, I used to be 15 pounds lighter and I want to be again!!!
  • I'm cranky....I think it has to do with the end of the semester stress and no carbs. So, if I bite your head off just know it's not you, it's me.....


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the last test, potty training, AND your diet (man, you have your hands full! no wonder you're grumpy! haha)

I don't know if will be helpful, but this article by Dr. Greene sure helped me. He has a whole bunch of things to say on potty training, but this really helped me with Easton and Emery.

Starley Family said...

Can't help you on the potty or your finals or the camera much either though I have been happy with our Canon. I can't imagine you having any weight problems. It must be a water or stress thing tipping the scales. You look fab in every photo I have seen. Good luck with the diet. FYI (I still have thousands of pounds to be as skinny as you) but I have lost 18lbs since the last week of Jan. I have followed these rules of thumb:
1. No eating or snacking after 8 (but I found it best if dinner were at 5)
2. If I am having a treat it's best at lunch time and doesn't affect the weight scale
3. Walking 2 miles with the girls 3 or more days a week, I have to stress this is more walking at Katelyn's pace.
Good luck and go get em!

Grandpamike said...

Hi Angela,
Grandpa Mike again....Neile wouldn't poop in the toilet either. Karla found the cutest pair of superhero underwear that he wanted to wear, and promised him he could wear them if he didn't poop in them. It took only 1 or 2 accidents and he was trained. All 3 of our boys were harder to train than Michie.