Sunday, December 28, 2008

The following story is not for the weak stomached. Consider yourself warned!!

My oldest has an issue with picking his nose and eating it. Anyone who knows me and my aversion to boogers understands that this is more difficult for me than the average person, so of course Jason likes to egg it on as much as possible. During one of these "snacking" incidents while I'm lecturing Isaac on why he shouldn't be eating them, Jason breaks in with "Hey Isaac, what do they taste like?" to which Isaac responds "Watermelons!!!" If that's the case I guess I can't really blame the kid.

(shudder, gag, vomit)

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Paige said...

Lol. Has he ever had a watermelon before? I'm with you on this one, it just freeks me out to see them move from nose to mouth, ahhhh!