Friday, November 7, 2008

My children are at difficult ages. I may start graying any day now. Here are some conversations that I've had with them in the last week.

I picked out a shirt for Isaac that looks like a short sleeved shirt is over a long sleeved shirt (it's 75 degrees here, we're freezing), so I hand it to him and he puts it on and then says "Mom!!! I'm 5!!"
me-"I know. Why?"
him-"Look at this shirt!!" he then starts pointing to the fake long sleeves and the short sleeve.
me-"what's wrong with it?"
him-"I'm 5!!!!" he then stormed off.

It's not like it's a onesie and bib!!! I thought it was a rather attractive shirt, but what do I know about what's cool for 5 year olds?!

Cormac is 2 and therefore a little bi-polar. We were leaving a grocery store the other day and as we step into the street he has a full on cow and starts screaming that he needs to hold me. That's fine, I pick him up and before I even have him situated on my hip he has another cow that he doesn't want to be held!!!! Make up your mind dude!!!!

Cormac also has a new favorite saying and it is "no idea!!!" and he has no idea how to use it. The nanny got here yesterday he runs up to her "no idea carla, no idea!!" We're driving in the car and out of no where "no idea!!!" He's yelling at Isaac to share his toys " It's not nice! you share! NO IDEA!!!"


Paige said...

I love kids! I think they do stuff like that just to make sure we stay on our toes. If they were always happy and made sense, life would be so boring.

Kimberly said...

OMG, too freakin funny! Your kidlets say the cutest things. :o)