Sunday, November 16, 2008

How you know your child has outgrown Dora.

Anyone who has ever watched Dora The Explorer knows that it's obnoxious. Dora is constantly asking the same question over and over. Well, Isaac has finally noticed this too. Here's what I heard......
Dora-"now we need to find snowy mountain"
Isaac-"there it is"
Dora-"Do you see snowy mountain?"
Isaac-"it's behind you"
Dora-"where's snowy mountain?"


Paige said...


Just Jenn said...

LOL. I love readng your blog so much and you always crack me up! I left you an ward over at my blog! Enjoy!!

KatieB said...

i hate that show.

Burnhams said...

That's really funny. Your kids say the best stuff. Keep quoting them.... it's great!

AJ said...

Oh my goodness yes! Jeff recently became obsessed with Dora and it is driving Jayne and I crazy!