Monday, May 19, 2008

This Weeks Poll

Now remember this poll is life and death so I need everyone to participate. Even if you randomly happened upon this blog just vote, no one will know I promise!!

A couple weeks ago I went and got my hair done. I had to go to a new salon because we moved and I normally go to Redken salons but couldn't find any I trusted and so I settled on a Tigi salon. I did my best to describe to the colorist what I wanted and how I liked it. I like a more vibrant shade of my natural color, this way as it fades and grows out it just kind of blends in. (See the picture of me to the right) Normally the colorist understands and picks out the perfect color in the little book of hair and everything turns out great. This girl made me pick the color. I did my best to choose one that resembled the Redken color I use but I think something went a little wrong.

You see I think my hair is a little pink, maybe a lot pink. When I ask Jason he just says "it's the color sexy"! Which I think means, "yes it's a little pink but I like it." Or it could mean "I'm not spending anymore money on your hair this month".

Then I had an incident when I went shopping on mothers day where a sales person told me I had "rockin" hair. I don't know if I'm a rockin hair kinda gal. Anyways, look at the pictures I took of my hair and tell me what you think by answering the poll. Or if you have suggestions or something to say leave a comment. I'd love it if you did both!! Thanks!!!!


Katie Brown said...

i always use redken products too. i love lots of color, so from what i can tell i like it a lot, but it would be helpful to see your face with it :).

Rachel said...

Angie I am so sorry that you don't love your hair color...I'm glad that I didn't do it. But it is not that bad but I know you and your hair color so I know what you wanted and that is not it, but it will fade out and who knows you may become someone with rockin' hair!

Rachel said...

P.S remember when we made MY hair pink.....ahh good times!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this is kind of weird, but we have the exact same hair only mine is way shorter, but the colors are the exact same!!! oh and by the way i did mine on purpose, so i have to say it is very "rockin" I love it :)