Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Said It!!!

I thought I would never say it, least of all to my children. But I did right in the middle of Target for everyone to hear!! Sure I've said it to my husband once or twice in a joking manner, but surely I'd never really say it in sincerity. But I did, it came out of my mouth before I even realized. And then I was left to think "oh my god, I really just said that", not joking, not thinking I would mimic my mother, it genuinely came out of my mouth....... "I can never take you guys anywhere, can I?"!!! And I meant it too. My biggest regret is that about 5 people heard me say it all of who began laughing under their breath. I'm sure they agreed though, clearly I had lost all control of my children and I probably should not try taking them in public again. And I probably wont, not at the same time anyway.

"what do you mean you can't take me anywhere? I'm adorable!!"

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