Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane!! No! It's Super Hank & Tex!!!

Once again I was trying my hardest to ignore my children when I heard something that made me think I should check on them. It wasn't a loud screaming, that's too normal. It wasn't even laughter. It was "uh oh Cormac, how are we going to get Hank down now?" That perked my ears right up get Hank down from what exactly and how on earth did he get up in the first place. (for those of you who don't know Hank is my oldest sons favorite stuffed dog and Tex is my youngest sons) So I waltz into my room to find this........

Now as soon as I walk into my room Isaac busies himself with something else, completely avoiding eye contact with me. I ask how Hank got up there and he plays dumb "hank? what? Oh wow! how'd you get up there Hank?" Then I started laughing and he realized he wasn't in trouble and said "I threw him up there!!" But if you ask him today about it he'll say "Hank climbed up there."

By this time Cormac has decided that Tex needs up there too and has run to find him. So then we end up with this. You can see Tex's legs in front of Hank. I put him up there this time by standing on my bed. I'm not nearly as talented as Isaac, although I think really it was just luck.
So once we have both dogs up there Isaac decides that the dogs want to go for a ride!!! And then I got lucky enough to catch this picture of Tex in mid-flight!! We have a new afternoon activity!!!


Anonymous said...

Angela--I laughed til I cried! As the boys' father about his bedroom light fixtures and how he finally had to live with a bare bulb!


Shelley & Jake said...

Wow! That looks like a super fun activity. Wish I could do it, minus the motion sickness I get when I spin around. Lucky Hank and Tex!