Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's the moment of the night!!! ....... Oh my goodness!!!

Five bucks to anyone who can tell me where I got my title from!!* Anyways, last night was the monster truck show and we had a blast. Phoenix takes their monster jam seriously, it was a packed stadium, and a rowdy crowd, the way we like it!!! The boys had a blast, I think it is so funny that Cormac is soo into trucks at such a young age, but it is one of the few words he says and really one of the firsts he ever said. so here are the pictures from our fun night!

This is us in front of Grave Digger, he is definitely one of the more famous trucks and probably Isaacs favorite. They even had the real driver there that night Dennis Anderson (don't ask how I know all this or why I care but I do) he gave us an awesome show. The drivers really do impress me with their skills. And by the way I consider this font color Grave Digger green!!

Here's Grave Digger in action

A cute picture of Cormac with his ear protectors on. Of course this was before the show so he didn't actually need them. Once the show started we couldn't get those things on for anything.

My boys having a great time

So here is a pro-tip for anyone who thinks they may ever go to a show (and I do highly suggest it because they really are family friendly and tons of fun). Don't do the party in the pits before the show, unless you are a die hard fan who wants autographs it's really just a waste of time and the worst part is once you're in the stadium they don't let you out. We thought we'd go to the pit party get up close to some trucks and then go and hang out in down town phoenix for a couple of hours and come back for the show. Nope, once you're in you can't leave unless you want to buy another ticket. So we were in that stadium for 7 hours yesterday folks and yes my bum is killing me from sitting in those chairs!

*I'm not really gonna give you 5 bucks, but I will be really impressed.


Shelley & Jake said...

Your kids must have LOVED that! I've gotta find something like that to take Evan to!

Starley Family said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I was thinking about you the other day when I was watching 27 dresses. The girl on there has her hair red and I kept thinking of you. Yep you're gorgeous.

Sjauna said...

That's so funny! When I was younger(10? 11?), I went to a monster truck show with some friends and saw Bigfoot and got Grave Digger's autograph (well, the driver - what did you say his name was?). I thought I was so cool! Now I know I am. Thanks for the validation!

Burnhams said...

Angela, looks like you had a blast! Thanks so much for that cute little outfit you sent for Parker. It came in the mail today and we loved it! You guys are great.

Crystal said...

We were there on that night too! I was like full-on 9 months was awesome. :)