Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let Me Count the Ways

Cormac is in my favorite stage right now. I love the toddler years, they do and say the cutest things. Here are just a few of the reasons I adore my Macaroni

  • when he's hungry he comes to me and says very demandingly with a pointed finger "cook"
  • two of the words he knows, Coke (that's my boy) and penis (that's Jason's boy)
  • when he's done eating he gives a big fake burp
  • he finds the most creative places to put his sippy-cups (see below picture)
  • he has a sinister laugh that kind of goes like this, ohh-ho-ho in a really throaty voice. and it means he is genuinely happy
  • his belly looks as though he is roughly 12 months pregnant
  • he has beat the snot out of his older brother once or twice when he really deserved it
  • he calls me "Nonny" which is hilarious to a select few people who know me
  • his favorite hairstyling product..yogurt. and I don't just mean he gets yogurt in his hair when he eats it. he grabs a handful rubs it together and very precisely styles his hair. kinda sticky but smells delicious
obviously I could go on and on for hours but I'll stop there and let some pictures do a little more talking.

This is his 5th bowl of cheerios that morning, it was not his last he had 2 more!!

gotta love that grin

see above bullet for discription


Shelley & Jake said...

I miss my boyfriend! He's so incredibly adorable. I love the pregnant body too! Yogurt is also Skye's favorite hair product. I remember a phase when Evan would use the top of his head as a napkin. That was so fun! Whatever he'd been eating (pizza, chocolate cake, etc) he would just wipe off on his head.

Burnhams said...

He is so cute. I love the newborn stage, but I have to admit, I am looking forward to all those funny moments too.