Monday, January 7, 2008

The most wonderful time of the yeeear

This morning I finally got to take Isaac back to school and I was reminded of a commercial for office depot (I think) that has the song I tried singing in the title while the father is dancing through the aisles picking up school supplies for the kids to go back to school. I felt that way today dropping Isaac off, I know I had a big stupid grin on my face and as I left I sighed in relief. We had an extra long break because Isaac was sick the last week and a half of school. I was going a bit crazy having two kids with me all day everyday. I usually do my shopping and running around while Isaac is in school and having him around just made it really difficult. He wont sit in the cart anymore so I have to keep checking where he is rather than just shopping, I kept leaving the stores feeling motion-sick from constantly turning my head side to side to keep him in my sights. I don't know how people have more than two kids, or how people have children closer in age!! Any of you out there reading this, you have my sympathy!

Now on to another subject if any one cares. I decided what my New Years resolution is today. I know I'm a little late but it's because initially I didn't think I had one. I'm actually quite content with my life and for the first time maybe ever, I feel like I'm doing pretty damn good. Anyways, I do have a resolution and it is this, to start dressing like an adult. I am soooo sick and tired of jeans and t-shirts and boring shoes. Don't get me wrong I'm sure they will always have a place in my closet (I have two kids) but I think it's time I started looking my age. In this quest I also realize that I can no longer shop at the cheap teeny-bopper stores like Forever 21, or Aeropostale it's time I start spending some real money on some real clothes!! (I'm sure Jason is thrilled) So anybody out there who already knows how to dress like an adult (without looking like an old lady)please tell me where to shop, I'm completely clueless!


Rachel said...

I can totally relate to your resolution, I am the same way. I think GAP is one of my favorite places to buy clohes, I can always seem to find someting that I like. But how do we dress our own age, and not look like puffy haired Utah/Arizona moms? you'll have to post pictures of your new outfits so I can get some ideas!

Starley Family said...

I love the motion-sickness comment about shopping. I feel that way chasing after Katelyn too. It may have to do with my waddling but...let's forget about that side of things. Stores...I really like J Crew but it always seems to be out of my income level (except for the outlet in Delaware). However it will be awhile before I say goodbye to the jeans and t-shirts. They just usually have cute skirts. Also Jenn Seda always finds the best things at Ann Taylor. I on the other hand don't have good luck there. Keep me posted on what you find out.

Katie Brown said...

One word for you: NORDSTROM

Bracken said...

Okay, I REMEMBER that Staples Commercial. And I still think of it EVERYTIME I hear that song! It is hilarious!

No help for you with the clothes. Sorry. But I'm interested in what other people suggest.

Grandpa Mike said...

Hi Angela,
I'm really slow in reading your blog, but this one interested me. As you know, we Hill men are not known for fashion. Just so you know the name "Nordstrom" is a swear word unless it is followed by "Rack".

Crystal said...

I like New York & Company :)