Saturday, June 5, 2010

quick trip

We went on a super quick trip to Utah over the Memorial day weekend. My cameras battery died before the end of our first day there so the pictures are completely limited but here's what I did get...
This is my family. Man, we're an attractive group of people!!

These are all the grand-babies on my side of the family. It was so much fun having them all together.

These are my boys at the "world-famous" Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. They got to go with Mema (my mom), and their uncle Eli.
P.S. they're swimming away from the shark in this picture.


So the most exciting event of the trip occurred on our last day there, just hours before we were supposed to arrive at the airport for our flight home. We went to a petting zoo, just to pass the time, and my youngest had an awful allergic reaction to the ponies!!! Something that should have been in the depths of his eye socket swelled out of his eye covering a good portion of his actual eyeball. It was really gross. Luckily it didn't affect his breathing and we were able to find an urgent care and get him properly treated before it was time to fly home.

We are now being told to have him tested for allergies (the back scratch stuff), and I'm looking for peoples input on this. Is it horrid? not so bad? worth it? let me know!


Samantha said...

Yikes!! Sounds like what my eyes do, still!! I had the test done when I was young, I remember just laying over my moms lap and reading a book that was on the floor while they did the test. I had it done a few years ago again to see if anything had changed, and the test was not so bad, but my back itched like crazy once the test was done!! I think he'll do fine, I survived it twice! Good luck to him though!!

Jenn said...

My youngest has had the back allergy test done. It wasn't too bad. I'd recommend doing a blood RAST test in addition to the back scratch test. Might as well get as much information as possible! Good luck!