Monday, January 25, 2010

My oldest

Here are a few stories about my fantastic oldest child, (he's 6).

I was forcing him to eat 6 bites of spaghetti before he could tell me he didn't like it. He of course was just sitting there sobbing and then came up with this doozy, "Mom, do you know that you are making me sad right now? Why would you want to make your own son sad? Your very own son?!" I left the room to gather my composure before answering.

My boys were, as usual, play fighting when suddenly I heard a loud thud and a scream from my youngest that let me know he was really hurt. I come upon the scene to find my youngest covering his right eye and crying, and my oldest rubbing his left hand saying, in a rather surprised tone, "It actually hurts really bad to punch someone." I had to leave the room to gather my composure before disciplining.

He also uses terms like "wicked awesome", "the bomb", and "punk", like a total pro!

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