Sunday, December 20, 2009

wait, there's more

From my youngest...
"I love your guts mom but don't talk to me!!!" (I really want to turn that into a bumper sticker)

After I kissed him...
him - "oh shit!!"
me- "what did you say?"
him- "I said shit because you kissed me!"
we then had a conversation about naughty words.

While on a bike ride he was singing his little heart out to Jingle Bells and then mid chorus stops to enquire, "mommy why do you drink coke?"

My oldest...
After telling him I loved him, "When people tell me they love me it makes me sick and I throw up in my mouth."

"hey daddy I have a really important secret to tell you.... BUUUUURPPPP!!" (he really burped in his fathers ear, and I laughed hysterically)

I was telling him that he was going to stay with his grandma while his father and I went on a date and he responded with, "does this mean we're having a third kid? 'Cause that's what happens when people go on dates."


Crystal said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! :) Seems like what happens when hubby and I go on dates...what an insightful little boy

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