Friday, November 13, 2009

Glory Glory Hallelujah!! I wish I'd had my camcorder....

My oldest came to me today to show me how loose his tooth was. I wiggled it and then said, "You should let me punch you in the face to knock it out!!!" I fully expected him to scream no, but instead he said okay and stuck his jaw out for me to whack him one. I wound my fist up and acted like I was going to punch him, then of course put my fist down and told him I would never do something like that.

My youngest looked at me like I had just told him Santa didn't exist. He then decided to take matters into his own hands and flew across the room to punch his older brother square in the face.

Shocked, I grabbed my youngest and was explaining that he couldn't punch his brother in the face, (even though I knew it was my irresponsibility that had caused the whole thing), when my oldest in a shocked voice said, "hey it worked!! He knocked my tooth out!!"

And sure enough, he had!! That tooth flew out of my oldest sons mouth, it took us 3 minutes to find!
Here's the newly lost tooth, it's his 3rd.
Here's my youngest showing off his muscles that knocked the tooth out.
...and here's the reenactment.
I'm so glad I don't have girls....


Crystal said...

HeHe...and it's photos like those that make me glad I don't have boys. :) BUT...we'll see what #5 brings - if it's a boy...there will be a whole new dynamic our household. ;)

peas and carrots said...

Angie, that was awesome!
I love your photo recreation you took! Was this his first tooth he lost?