Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let's hear it for my MAN!!!

He came through for me, again!! He got me that adorable necklace I was wanting ever so desperately, and I LOVE IT!!! And he bought it for me for no reason in particular, just 'cause he loves me and loves spoiling me. He's kind of a sucker when it comes to me...

Here's an incredibly unclear, and unworthy picture of it on my neck, not that it's some grand piece of jewelry, but I do adore it. On one of the circles it has my children's names, and on the other is says "you are my" and then has a picture of a sunshine.
Here's the link to the website with a better picture, vintage pearl.

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Paige said...

Good Work Jason! I love it when they do sweet stuff like that, aren't husbands the best?!?