Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Promptuesday #50

There is a link on a blog I follow to another blog that does something called promptuesdays (if I was a responsible blogger I would have a link to that blog, but I'm not, so I don't). Anyways, a promptuesday is where she puts up a writing "assignment" and has you complete them in the comments or on your blog. Todays promptuesday is "six word memoirs". which is pretty much what it sounds like, describe your life in six words. here are a few I came up with......

1. I'm going to have it all.
2. I took the long way here.
3. I'd be lost without those two.
4. I could have done that better.
5. I'm happy and I know it.
6. I need a lot more sleep.
7. Can I do it another time?

I'd love to see what you come up with.


Crystal said...

Welcome to the PrompTuesdays!! :) Aren't they fun?

KatieB said...

1. I ate too much See's chocolate.
2. Why don't I have more money?
3. I have the best life ever.
4. Mom, sisters, friends, husband, kids, happiness.

Crystal said...

Mmmm...See's chocolate.

Carissa, Brandon, Carly, & Tyler said...

1. What did I do all day?
2. Why can't I eat more sweets?
3. My kids are the cutest ever!
4. What is the point of cleaning?
5. Why doesn't money grow on trees?