Friday, April 24, 2009

Conversations with my children

There is a new little girl in Isaac's class, I was asking him about her and this is what he told me.....

"Her name is Joelle. And ya know what mommy? She always stays in the lines when she colors. She's like perfect at it. I stay in the lines kind of good, but she's really good!!

I was telling Cormac how handsome I thought he was and this was his response.....

"yeah, it's my mouth and lips."

Isaac started counting in spanish the other night and made it all the way up to 29 and then got stuck, he turns to me and says "what's 30 in spanish?"
-"I don't know"
-"come on mom, what's 30 in spanish?" (clearly he thought I was joking.)
-"no really, I don't know"
-"do you know how to count in spanish?"
-"so I'm smarter than you?"


Crystal said...

30 in spanish is "treinta". I'm a dork...I know. But I took 4 yrs of spanish in high school...a whole lot of good that did me, except in cases where my kids might ask me what 30 is in spanish. LOL

Your conversations with your kids are cute. :)

Misty said...

LOL I love reading your conversations. It gets me excited for what I have to look forward to with Capri! You have got to be the funnest mom!