Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Love Isaac

We were driving in the car and the sun was getting in Isaac's eyes and he says "Mom, the suns harmful rays are getting me!!"

He has a miniature stuffed dinosaur that he calls Gary and he comes to me and says "mom, Cormac lost my sweet little Gary. Poor sweet little Gary."

He's learning all about rhyming these days, it apparently helps with the reading, and yesterday at the dinner table he says "hey mom I found a new rhyme!! Muck and Fu$%!!!" All I say through the tears of laughter "great job sweet heart!!" Later I told him it wasn't a nice word and not to say it, but I felt like he wouldn't take me seriously if I said it while milk was coming out my nose.

After every meal he says "I'm really full, look at all my belly-fat!!"
I think he watches too much TV!!

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Shelley & Jake said...

I love Isaac too! Miss that kid!