Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Fascinating

I recently found the coolest blog ever. It's called postsecret and I am completely addicted. A guy in Maryland started it a few years ago initially as an art project where he handed out postcards and asked people to put their secrets on it anonymously and then mail it back to him. Well it caught on in a huge way and now he has a blog where he posts the secrets. He also has published 3 books, does art exhibitions, and talks at colleges. Some of the secrets are funny and some of them absolutely make me cry. It has also made me think about my own secrets both funny and disturbing. So if you are looking for a voyeuristic afternoon activity (and who isn't?) check it out here. I also put a link to it under my other bloggers feature so you'll always have a place to connect with it.


Shelley & Jake said...

Cool site! Thanks for sharing. So, which postcard was yours? ;)

Starley Family said...

Interesting...I will have to check it out. I found one the other day that was cool called peoplereading.