Thursday, May 6, 2010

As promised!

Our Pool Is Finished!!!!!!!

This is the view out our back door

Here's our hot tub and major deck area.

This picture shows our pool and the grass area.

We have 3 shooters (just 'cause we could), and a waterfall.

Now we just need some hot weather!!!


KatieB said...

so FUN! i can't wait till we get one someday!

Aaron and Melissa said...

SO much has been going on for you!!! Your pool looks so nice. We will have to come for a visit! :) Sorry I missed your birthay...I haven't been good at checking blogs lately. I hope you had a great birthday! Life is so crazy and I am trying to get ready to move. Lots to do, but we need to talk and catch up soon. Love ya.

Shelley said...

So, when do I move in??? ;)