Friday, April 16, 2010

A psychological evaluation may be needed

But this time it's not for me, (can you believe it?). It's for my darling husband that I adore so much. He really doesn't have any symptoms except one... the man has been spending some dough!! The main reason I haven't sent him in for evaluation yet is that he's been spending the money on me!!!!!

The first large purchase was some more diamonds for my wedding ring. I recently got the idea that I wanted another anniversary band for the top side of my wedding ring. We went out to find one that matched my original wedding band but couldn't, so he bought me 2 new ones!!! p.s. They're bigger than my original wedding band!!

The next purchase was an even bigger surprise than the first. He showed up to my oldest sons soccer practice and said, "I found something online that I want to buy you". I was expecting something for the pool (which is another money swallowing monster that I am so excited about!), but I was completely wrong. It was an Escalade!!! It's an '08 luxury package Escalade (dvd player, navigation, seat COOLERS!) with less than 12,000 miles on it. It still smells new people!!! I love, love, love it!!!

My life feels completely charmed right now, and not just because of my new things but because my husband is obviously completely crazy about me.


Rochelle said...

Seat coolers?? That is a necessity for Arizona weather. I hate when my legs stick my seats in our van. IN the winter my seats are nice and due to the seat warmers...but that is always a little weird, because it is warm....and when you feel something like that warm on your is disconcerting...I wanna see pictures of this ring... :) I am happy for you!

Samantha said...

Ok, we know what it takes for you to get a new purse, I don't even want to know what you are doing for all of this...haha!! Enjoy all your new toys!!