Saturday, January 24, 2009

Because my brain feels like mush......


  • I started school thursday. I have 4 classes, 3 of them are math related.
  • I have a migraine, I think it's permanent.
  • My oldest has started using the term "DUH!" a lot! I have taken to flicking his forehead.
  • My youngest has started calling me a "bad day" when he's mad at me. It's one of the meaner things anyone has ever called me, but I smile every time he says it anyways.
  • I've found that the best waterproof mascara isn't actually waterproof mascara, it's L'oreals Double Extend mascara. It peels off like shrink wrap when you're in the shower.
  • Maybe cryproof is a better term for it.
  • This mascara is the only make-up I've bothered to put on for about a week now.
  • You say I'm crazy, I got your crazy!!
  • I got new couches. They're leatha!
  • I can't find my vases, I think the last place I saw them was Baltimore.
  • I can't decide what color to paint my family room and kitchen.
  • Have I mentioned I have a migraine?


Shelley said...

"duh"!?! I'm so sorry - no wonder you have a migraine! I guess it is only a matter of time before Evan starts up with those types of comments. The "bad day" title is awesome, though! I want to see pictures of the leather couches and I wish my talented sis and I were in AZ to help you pic paint colors - so fun! I still vote for the mahogany entertainment center, though. You can always accent with brighter colors. By the way, I think my poker dream might have been hosted at your house - there was a lot of brown. :) It looked great.

Paige said...

Sounds like you need a nap...good luck with all of that!