Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is it just me?

I'm wondering if any of my readers have this problem too. Do you get asked if you are your childrens older sister, regularly? I realize I look younger than my years (and actually am young), but do I look that young? I'm also wondering if you have suggestions of what I could do to give the impression of maturity. I patiently wait your response (read as: I will be checking my blog every 10 minutes hoping someone comments). thank you, and enjoy your weekend.


Cody said...

That's crazy Angela, because I do get asked that same question. I wonder why people would ever think I look like Tucker's sister. How many women are going bald like me? Come on folks!

KatieB said...

i've never gotten the sister questions, but i do get a lot of comments on how young i look to have 3 kids. but i am young to have three kids, so i don't have much of a response for them. i say, just enjoy it while it lasts.

Rachel said...

Well I've NEVER had that problem. However I will dish out my wisdom to you, because you asked for it!
First off you need to change your clothing, more polyester and bright floral prints. Second your makeup needs to be updated, more blush in a beautiful shade of pink, preferably one that matches your lipstick, last but not least is your hair, chop it off and put it in rollers. If you follow this advise nodby will ask you if you are a "big sister", you will however get 20% off at Ross!

Anonymous said...

When Neile was a junior in high school, his English teacher thought that I was his older sister and I was carded when I was 30. Pretty flattering! And some people don't think that I'm really a grandma. I think at this point people's eyesight is starting to fade.