Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm in the market for new bedroom linens and I've narrowed it down to two. I need all my wonderful readers to now tell me what to do. First is this beauty.

This set sings to me. When I saw it I gasped and shed a little tear, this is all my duvet cover dreams come true!!! But what color do I paint the walls? While I like the yellow in the background of the picture, it's not really what I want for my room. Would a bright aqua-ish blue work? And what color curtains do I go with? And also the two pillows put together at the front of the bed to form a large flower, yea or nay?

Then there is this one.

I also think this one is very pretty and I know exactly what I could do with my curtain and wall color choice. Anything, because the duvet is neutral. I also like that I could technically play a lot more with my room and the accessories, switch it up if you will. I could go with a bright blue accent pillow and curtains one week, and then switch it with a lovely green the following week.

So tell me what to do. Do I go with the one that makes my heart flutter, or the more practical one that is versatile and that someone with my design capabilities can handle?

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Shelley & Jake said...

You're rich - go for the one that makes your heart sing. Then if you get sick of it in a year, buy another! :) Nah, honestly, that's a tough choice. I really like both. Does Jason have a preference? Will you have buyers remorse if you don't get the one you adore? I just know if I'm totally in love with something it's hard to settle for anything less.

Shelley & Jake said...

P.S. I forgot to say, I think the two pillows in the middle making a flower look great, but I think it would look great if you only had a single pillow in the middle with half a flower as well. A little asymmetry can be stylish!

KatieB said...

i like them both, but i would probably go for the brown one.

Julie's Pieces said...

I say go for the one that makes your heart sing. Its very fun and unique. You could do the bottom half of your walls white, and the top yellow and use a fun molding, or even silver'ish stripe to divide the 2! You can also find lots of neat yellow art pieces to add in as you find them. Silver curtains!

Samantha said...

I vote go crazy and pick the first one that you are in love with! I was going to vote for the 2nd one, but after reading what someone else said, (julie's pieces)I like her idea...go for it!!!

Call me if you need help (I'll watch the boys, I'm not creative!)

Julie Berset said...

THANK YOU! You officially inspired me to start a blog! I just love yours!

Peine Family said...

K, so this is just from my personal experience but the one you love looks a lot like my current bedding. The color is different but the fabric looks the same with the sheen and whatnot...I loved it when I got it. However, my kids crawl up onto my bed quite regularly and fall asleep. Now I have drool marks all over my beautiful comforter. The fabric is dry clean only and is already ruined. As soon as it gets wet at all there is a spot that is permanent. So I would check out the care for each one that you like. It isn't something I would have thought of before but now I will...if you don't care about buying another one soon or having discolored circles along the bottom, or maybe if your kids don't drool get it! At least you could enjoy it for a while, but I would be sure to think about real life. Kids happen.