Thursday, March 20, 2008

A day in the life of Cormac

Do you ever wonder what is going through your toddlers head? 'cause I do, and I personally think that mine has a little schedule that he thinks up every morning before he calls for me to come and get him. Here is a sample of what he generally cooks up.

  1. Eat breakfast and make as big of a mess as possible. I will be completely full but ask mom for more food and then not eat any of it.
  2. Start my path of destruction in mom and dad's room. I will knock over their shoe rack and pick out the loudest most difficult shoes for me to walk in and insist that mom secures them to my feet so that I might look fashionable for the rest of my destruction. I will then pull out all of dad's socks, pull apart the pairs and spread them through out the room.
  3. I will make my way to Isaac's room stopping to knock over the diaper boxes mom has in the hall and pulling out one random toy from the toy box to throw as hard as I can against the wall. If I am lucky enough to get into Isaac's room I will open the closet door, turn on the night-light and put 4, no 5 monster trucks on his bed. I will get one dinosaur that is too big for me to carry and terrorize both Isaac and mom the rest of the day by whacking them with it.
  4. Head for the kitchen, but stop at the hall closet and bang on the doors until the vein in mom's head is bulging. Once I get to the kitchen I will try to open every cupboard and drawer I can get my hands on pull out their contents and then go back through slamming them all shut again.
  5. Time to destroy the dining room. the best I can do here is pull over every chair, I will especially aim for either Isaac or mom while doing this and therefore maximize an otherwise minimal form of destruction.
  6. Seeing that my work in the house is done I will continue my day by bothering my brother until he snaps and punches me in the face, which I secretly think is hilarious.
  7. Roughly 30 minutes will have passed since breakfast and so I will clearly be hungry again and it is time to demand that my mother "cook" for me.

This little guy definitely keeps us on our toes but we wouldn't trade him for anything!!


Rachel said...

So Lincoln is an ANGEL compared to that! I am so sorry what a handful! I was just sitting here pissed as all get out because Lincoln hasn't napped and woke me up at 5:30, than I read your blog and totally laughed the whole time and now I feel much better, so thanks to Cormac for all he does!

Shelley & Jake said...

Wow, he is keeping you on your toes! My kids make messes, but not quite like that. He already looks a lot older than he did in January. :(

I hope you are getting date nights because I sure as heck would need a night out after a day like that!

Anonymous said...

I have to be anonymous, because i can't figure out how to do it otherwise, anyway this is your sister and i just have to say that your boys are the cutest EVER. I so wish i could see them more often. Also, i wanted to comment on your writing skills. You crack me up so hard sometimes. you should consider becoming a writer. It's something you could do at home and you'd be great at it. love you lots, talk to you soon.