Sunday, March 23, 2008


I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend, here are some pictures of ours. We had a blast!!!

Coloring Easter Eggs, it was a bit crazy with Mac but we still had a lot of fun. I boiled 60 eggs thinking that it would last us at least 20 minutes but it only lasted about 10.

We were really impressed with how well Cormac participated in the hunt, he broke every egg he found, but oh well.

Isaac of course did well with it, he's a pro at this point.

We loved the way Mac dragged his basket behind him.

and then we built a fort to hang out in!!!


Grandpa Mike said...

Happy Easter to you and the boys, Jason and's been fun to hear of Cormac's activities. Have you taught him to jump from one piece of furniture to the other? If no, just wait, and then he'll be just like his dad. My suggestion is to not purchase too expensive of furniture for a least the next 10 years...but just like you, we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Love,
Mike aka Grandpa Hill

Starley Family said...

You are such a good mom! 60 eggs!!! I am making them tonight and I think we are doing 6. Way to be super girl! What did you do for your birthday? Oh and Happy Belated. Lol, Stace

Shelley & Jake said...

Wow, I'm super impressed about the eggs. Are you gonna eat them all?? Ha ha! I feel retarded that we didn't get around to dying eggs yet. Maybe I'll follow Stacey's lead and do them after Easter. We ended up making a gingerbread house in February because Evan never forgot that we'd planned to before Christmas and he kept reminding me.

Katie Brown said...

i love that you boiled that many eggs! chad thinks i'm horrible because i only boiled 2 for everyone. fortunately i talked the girls into mixing colors, so they re-dyed the same eggs over and over for another 30 minutes. next year i think i'll take your cue and go for 60.