Tuesday, December 18, 2007


After looking through some recent pictures I realized there were some questions I had that I may never find an answer to but I thought I would share them with you and maybe together we could figure it out.

Why do I spend money on toys when doing this provides hours of entertainment for him? And why is this so entertaining?
Why did I bother getting them bundled up to play in the rain? The shoes only lasted a few minutes and the clothes were soaked, why did I waste the time?


Mike said...

I tried to put in a comment yesterday, but it didn't take. I love Cormac's bum....do you know that some cultures think "cottage cheese" is attractive...maybe I could push for it in this country :). I wanted to put the picture on my screensaver, but Liz thought I would be accused of being a pedophile. Not this grandpa...he just thinks those boys are adorable at any stage of dress or undress. And it's fun to see your boy's reaction to rain...maybe we don't get enough in AZ.
Merry Christmas and we love you guys.
Grandpa Hill (Mike, Pops, etc.)

Grandma Liz said...

Cormac is just in training for when he models for a beefcake calendar in 20 years....and that picture of Isaac in the pillowcase is HILARIOUS! What did we do for entertainment before we had children???

grandma liz said...

Hey, Angela, is Cormac's birthday the 16th of July? I don't know if I have it down right on the calendar???