Friday, June 22, 2007

finally getting settled

We have had a crazy month!! Jason graduated dental school (hooray!!!), and we moved to sunny AZ, were we have a house (again, hooray!!!) and a brand new car!!!! We have already made some new friends, and Isaac was even invited to a birthday party. We spent the first two weeks here without our furniture or most of our belongings, it was definately an adventure and I was amazed at how messy an empty house could get, (Mema spoiled the boys rotten while she was here so they had plenty of new toys to throw around).
So far we have spent our time exploring our new environment and playing in our blow-up pool in our backyard. We are really excited to go home to Utah next week and see our family. We haven't been home in two years so we decided to make it a long trip and will be there for three weeks.
More exciting news, Cormac (the baby formerly known as Austin) has started walking. We are very proud of him and can't believe how fast he is growing. Before we know it he'll be talking, and then he'll really be able to drive mom nuts!!

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Nancy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Sounds like Arizona is treating you well--I love Jason's office and am envious of your home ownership. But I do have to ask: why the name change to Cormac?